Amir Reiter and Ido Halevy

Hello, our names are Amir Reiter and Ido Halevy. We are the Katavim for the 2020-2021 Winter Term Board. Our job is to create a newsletter for the chapter to read on a regular basis. You can contact either one of us to submit articles, or join Writer's Guild

Some of our ideas/goals for the term include:

1. Releasing a bi-weekly newsletter every business meeting.

2. Hosting contests.

3. Adding relevant news to each edition of the newsletter.

Older members may notice we are not formatting or organizing our newsletters like they have been in the past. Instead of having themes for every edition, we have individual themes for articles to allow for more flexibility in our newsletters.

We also plan, in conjuction with the Makshev, to post a list of article themes for people in Writer's Guild to claim. This would make it easier for both us and writers to quickly and efficiently deliver a newsletter.