Aleph Moreh - Andrew Fox

Hello! My name is Andrew Fox. I am Ramon's Moreh for the 2020-2021 Winter Term. The Moreh's duties include:

  • Recruiting new members, educating them in Ramon and BBYO, and making sure they come back!
  • Helping create bonds of brotherhood among members of the chapter
  • Plan an AIT (Aleph-In-Training) to teach members about the chapter
  • Plan an Inductions ceremony to official welcome members into the chapter
  • Selecting and training Chapter Chairmen

I have a few goals this term:

  • Allow for class bonding so that our wonderful eight grade class can become a true class.
  • bring back certain old members that drifted with the end of in person events.

Overall, I want Ramon closer and Ramonians more educated in the chapter.

Andrew Fox 
Aleph Moreh, 2020-2021 Winter Term
Ramon AZA #195